Solar Update – April 2017


My favorite time of year has come! The days are longer, the snow seems to be gone for good, and birds are chirping on my way to work. Spring is upon us. I’ve always loved spring and summer, but now I have even more reasons to embrace the seasons. No, not just because the kids are out of school and there will be less traffic. Because it’s sun season! As you know, we got some solar panels last summer and we enjoyed many months of free electricity. It was truly a sad day when I had to pay for my first electric bill in months after the start of a frigid winter. These things will spoil you…

But the sun always shine eventually and, boy is it shining! My March 2017 electric bill was $38. We are retiring the heating for the season and thus expecting a much lower utility usage, until late June when we have to kick on the AC. Even then, I’m thinking that the 12-13 hours of sunlight that summers in New England graces us with should be sufficient to offset the worse of the damage. I might have reached the electric bill break even point. If so, I am looking forward to negative balances (I don’t say that very often) for many months to come so I can run my heat for free in November.

Let’s raise our glasses to sunny days, tax credits, and free electricity.


(Very Short) Blog Break


Flyover View

I hope you are having a fantastic week! My husband and I are traveling and I didn’t bring my computer with me. Well, a more accurate representation would be “my husband is traveling, and I’m tagging along.”

In any case, since TSA gives us enough trouble scrutinizing everything we carry, we try to bring only the most basic things. And as useful as my iPad is for helping me stay in touch with the world, it certainly is not the most ergonomic or user friendly way to blog. However, if you are still interested in what shenanigans I might be up to over the next few days, I’m doing my best to keep my Instagram updated.

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I look forward to a full keyboard and detailed posts next week, because some exciting things have happened since my last post, and I can’t wait to share!