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Path to a Million: 2017 Q3

Another quarter, another net worth update. This time is no different. My laser focus on keeping a tight budget has ensured continuous success with my net worth slowly but surely climbing through a combination of debt reduction and asset appreciation. I’m adding more to liquid savings, increasing retirement contributions in addition to accelerating my debt ...


Path to a Million: 2017 Q2

  I have a lot to be excited about! Slowly but surely, my net worth is going up…up…UP! I’ve done nothing but CRUSH debt so far this year and an trickle of additional sources of income has helped increase our savings while I fought tooth and nail to keep our household expenses down. I’ll let ...


Path to a Million: 2017 Q1

This is my first update since the initial posts (announcing the start of the series and the pilot post). Things are going well, maybe better than I expected because a great thing happened: tax season! *eyeroll* (take some time to read this post about why it’s not a windfall you should rejoice in). However, in ...


Path to a Million: 2016 Q4 – Results

My goal is to increase my net worth by $75,000 by this time next year.

Path to a Million: 2016 Q4

It feels a little like financial exhibitionism…

Net Worth Tracking

I stumbled upon a article of someone discussing when they first realized that they crossed the million dollar mark. He listed his net worth which shows both an impressive and simple path to achieving the lofty goal: increase your income, reduce your expenses, save and invest the difference as much as you can. Some people will ...


April 2016 Budget

It’s the end of the month and I’m doing one my favorite things: reviewing my budget. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve likely figured out by now that I enjoy being frugal and keeping a close eye on my finances. In no small part due to my desire to: 1) get out ...