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Student Loan Update – April 2017

When I graduated in May of 2017, I chose not to think about my student loans. It was a hot humid day but people traveled from different states to come see me complete another milestone. I was juggling full time work and a part time MBA program right when my husband was settling into a ...


Savers Rejoice!

Your time has come. After nearly a decade, long suffering frugal people are on track to be rolling in the though again. Not exactly, but pretty much. Sorta… Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Federal Reserve raised interest rate by another 0.25%. Just to be clear, the FRB does not set interest rates. However, ...


Applying for a Mortgage: The 5 Cs

I talk a lot about real estate, but we all know real estate is expensive. There are few, if any, of us with the capabilities of buying real property with cash. Even some of the people who are in a position to do it, choose to leverage their net worth and maximize their purchasing power ...


We Need to Talk Money

I got a call last week from someone who wants to buy a house. He wanted to share the good news with me that he spoke to a lender who told him if he had $5-6,000 he could get a mortgage.


Why You Should Check Your Credit Report

If you have not figured it out by now, your credit history is extremely important. Credit has transformed from something financial institutions used to determine if you can be trusted with their money, into something everyone else uses to assess your character. Here are some (unexpected) uses of your credit report: Insurance Companies: They are ...


The Bondage of Debt

Would you agree that debt is modern day slavery? Sure, there are some stark differences. For example, in most cases, one chooses to go into debt rather than being kidnapped and forced into it. Furthermore, there are no threats of corporal punishment and you don’t live in squalor. However, you work to hand your money ...

“Use this one simple trick, banks HATE it!”

I decided that I was going to make sure you never have to click on those links again, by telling you these "simple tricks banks HATE!"