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Question Everything

I don’t mean to speak for anyone but I’d like to think that we work hard for our money and we would like to keep it. That’s why I discussed fraudulent investments earlier and some of their tell-tale signs to help you recognize and avoid them. But people┬ácan be really crafty when it’s time to ...


Knowing the Investment Products

Investing can be overwhelming. The key is knowing what is available and where to start. There are many investment products. I will list them below and provide a high level overview of some of their features and inherent risks. INVESTMENT TYPE FEATURES COMPANY BENEFITS BENEFITS RISKS Stocks Capital appreciation & Dividend payments Capital & Market ...



I was chatting retirement with a couple of friends when someone asked what the difference was between an IRA and a Roth. I know that financial education was lacking in our society, but I didn’t realize it was lacking that much. Either that, or I take for granted the little bit of knowledge I do ...