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How we use our Employment Benefits to Maximize Every Dollar

There is more to your job than just your salary. Most people receive some kind of benefit at work. Whether they are non monetary like a flexible schedule or more tangible like an employee discount, we get more from our employers than our paychecks. Here are four valuable benefits that we use (or have used ...


I Create my own Sales

While I have a 9-5 where someone else tells me what to do and how to do it, I like to see myself as a “boss” in every other aspect of my life. I make my own schedule with my real estate work, I set my own prices for my rental properties, I determine what ...


Thursday Wedding Tip: Cut Your Biggest Expense

Once you start planning a wedding, everyone will tell you the same thing: food and beverage will be your biggest expense. Whether you have a big or small wedding, aged steak or backyard barbecue, you will spend the bulk of your money on your caterer. So what is your biggest path to huge savings? Cutting ...


Frugal Fridays: Reception Details

This is my version of throw back Thursday: Some of the best finds¬†from my own days of wedding planning. It’s the little expenses that creep up on us. That’s what every couple is told to watch out for. You budgeted $2,000 for your dress but the slip is $120, the bra is $80 and a ...


Wedding Finance Tips: Getting Hitched in the Black

I live in the northeast and spring has officially started, although you really can’t tell just looking at the weather (it’s supposed to be a brisk 25 degree day today). Unlike our more favored friends in the south, true wedding planning doesn’t begin until spring as many¬†brides do not like planning for winter weddings. Because ...


Top Government Discounts

If you know of any government employees, current or former military members, you’ll want to pay attention to this list. These are all the companies that offer a wide range of discounts to those who have served the American public one way or another. The discounts range anywhere from 5 to 25% on their services ...


Don’t Pay People For Tasks You Can Accomplish Yourself

Two days before Thanksgiving (the busiest cooking day of the year) my dishwasher died. I called in a Sears technician who charged me $60 to tell me that it will cost $350 to repair the dishwasher (LOL what? No). I had to tell him on the spot whether or not I was going to accept ...