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How we use our Employment Benefits to Maximize Every Dollar

There is more to your job than just your salary. Most people receive some kind of benefit at work. Whether they are non monetary like a flexible schedule or more tangible like an employee discount, we get more from our employers than our paychecks. Here are four valuable benefits that we use (or have used ...


Frugal Fridays: Reception Details

This is my version of throw back Thursday: Some of the best finds from my own days of wedding planning. It’s the little expenses that creep up on us. That’s what every couple is told to watch out for. You budgeted $2,000 for your dress but the slip is $120, the bra is $80 and a ...


Wednesday Win: Free Money

A few months ago I got a little flyer in the mail from Citizens’ bank saying that I could get $200 for FREE. I am never one to pass up anything that’s free, especially if it’s free money. However, I have been around long enough to know that everything comes with a catch, with that I ...