Lifestyle Inflation

Have you ever heard of the term? It’s not the traditional definition of inflation as it relates to macro economics. If you’ve read any long established personal finance blog, it’s very likely that they’ve¬†talked about it at least once, particularly to warn against it. If they didn’t, you probably need to start reading a new ...


The College Scam

Is college a scam? As many lives as student loans are ruining and with all the lawsuits coming out against these for-profit colleges, I don’t blame those who might think that the college path could cause more harm than good. However, I don’t think we should blame the college experience for our economic ills. Rather, ...


Thursday Money Tip: Transparency

I challenge you to be candid about your finances.


Wednesday Win: Free Money

A few months¬†ago I got a little flyer in the mail from Citizens’ bank saying that I could get $200 for FREE. I am never one to pass up anything that’s free, especially if it’s free money. However, I have been around long enough to know that everything comes with a catch, with that I ...


Personal Growth and Relationships

t seemed that as I got older I became less patient with people who proved over and over again that they did not respect my time or my friendship. I became much less forgiving of those whose friendships were conditional based on arbitrary standards that were subject to change at their convenience.


Friday Fail: The Confidence of Youth

I was working 40 hours a week for the entire summer making $2 above my state's minimum wage and I felt rich! I had never have access to so much money at once. What happened one morning could only be explained by saying that all the disposable income must have gone straight to my head making me feel like Hercules.


Thursday (Money) Tip: Passive Income

And I've had it easy. My aunt rented to a guy who stopped paying rent after 2 or 3 months. It took 4 months to get him evicted and she never got a dime back in addition to what she had to spend in court fees.


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