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Not Saving Could Cost You Your Life

I am glued to my screen, just like every other American, watching in horror as disaster after disaster ravage the Caribbean and southern states. As I see the images unfold, I watch with sadness but also with frustration as news networks routinely interview people who refuse to refuse to evacuate. While I understand that some ...


Demanding Due Dilligence is NOT Victim Blaming

By now most of you have heard of the 10-month old who died (likely a painful and horrible death) after being sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend. If you haven’t heard yet, you will soon. Everyone is angry and rightly so. This male creature, as I dare not call him a man, is evidently a ...

You’re on Notice

  It wasn’t too long ago that I talked about the importance of never getting comfortable with your level or source(s) of income. I’m a big promoter of always seeking different income streams as well as seeing how you can get raises. Your ultimate goal should be to be in control of an amount of ...


What Is Middle Class?

I love election season. It’s the time of year that the middle class gets the most attention. We finally get to be the belles of the ball! The rest of the time, billionaires are being pampered with corporate subsidies and the poor are trying to access government resources to close the financial gaps preventing them ...


Body Found in Apple Headquarters

Are Silicon Valley pressures too much to handle? A body has been found in an Apple Inc. conference room. The next meeting in that room is going to be super awkward. Santa Clara County Law Enforcement is investigating.


Why I don’t trust people with bad hair cuts

I try not to get political. In part because people tend to be too entirely consumed by politics while most of the things that happen in Washington have little to no effect on them. Outside of tax laws, very few of us are impacted by federal politics daily, yet, man of us allow it to ...