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144 Rolls of Toilet Paper

I have out done myself in the crazy department. This is what word problem nightmares are made of. I’m sure we all remember getting those problems and wondering “who’s ever going to make 20 dozen cookies? Who is ever going to buy 174 oranges? I’m never going to use this stuff in real life.” Well, ...

Friday Fail: Catching the Ferry

Oh ok great. No big deal. Earlier, I needed to make up 15 minutes of time but turns out it was really 30 minutes. In fact, if I didn't want to lose $79, I needed to know well in advance whether or not I was going to make it. And if I was wrong about that, I could lose my spot on the boat, if they're sold out, even if I do make it on time. Hold on, let me grab my crystal ball so I can figure all of this out, right after I predict the next natural disaster, along with advising President Obama of Russia's next move and changing my retirement portfolio allocation based on what the stock market will do.


Friday Fail: The Confidence of Youth

I was working 40 hours a week for the entire summer making $2 above my state's minimum wage and I felt rich! I had never have access to so much money at once. What happened one morning could only be explained by saying that all the disposable income must have gone straight to my head making me feel like Hercules.