Persistence, Patience, Purpose


We grew up in the age of microwaves, airplanes and high speed internet, which means we want everything yesterday. The same is true for our financial security. However, no matter how quickly we can download movies or get from one coast to the next, we have to accept that short of an inheritance or the Mega Millions, we have to build our success one block at a time.

Having the level of comfort that we want, does not happen overnight. We must first set goals to have something to strive for (Purpose). But we will surely face obstacles, and worse yet, failure. We must continue to push forward in the face of adversity (Persistence). Falling short of our goals is not a condemnation of  our plan itself but an indication that our approach was not the correct one. But most importantly, we have to be able to wait to reap the fruits of our labor (Patience). Rome was not built in a day, neither will your first million. Few great successful self-made millionaires saw overnight success. While it does get easier over time, and the second million may be earned overnight (because it takes money to make money), your first break won’t happen that quickly.

These are the 3 Ps of success that will help you keep a fourth one in mind: Perspective.


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