Small Habits that will Cost You Over Time

The devil is in the details. That is also true when it comes to money. My own mother has a terrible approach to money which often frustrates me. Most of my attitude towards money comes from watching what she does and being committed to doing the complete opposite. For example, she will often say: “it’s just $10, it’s just $20.” However, it takes 50,000 $20 bills to make $1,000,000.00 While this might sound ridiculous, the point is to show that you have to start somewhere. If you can’t manage to keep control over 1 or 2 $20 bills, how will you ever get to 50 thousand? So pay attention to the details to position yourself for success. Here are some seemingly small details that could change your life if you start paying attention.

  1. Buying lunch every day
  2. Not saving for retirement
  3. Not having an emergency fund
  4. Buying more house than you need
  5. Owning a luxury car
  6. Having less than stellar credit
  7. Not knowing the difference between a need and a want
  8. Being under insured
  9. Not having a budget
  10. Not having short term disability
  11. Failing to network
  12. Failing to avoid late fees
  13. Failing to renegotiate with your providers
  14. Paying full price
  15. Not learning to DIY

These are some of the things that I have found were costing me over time. The small things add up, yet they are the easiest habits to change. What small tweaks can you make today to improve your finances?


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