Month: January 2017


Boosting Savings: The No Spend Challenge

You can start this challenge at any time during the year as long as there are still 30 or more days left.


The 7-Step Guide to Healing Your Credit

Before you read this post, I encourage you to take a look at the previous blog that talks about what makes up a credit score. You will have a better understanding of how the steps that I am recommending will impact your score every step of the way. Welcome back! Now that you know what ...


Boosting Savings: 52 Week Money Challenge

Studies show that it can take at a minimum 21 days (approximately 3 weeks) and maybe even 2 months to develop a habit.


The Anatomy of a Credit Score

What makes up a credit score? Credit scores are the most popular mysteries. We know they’re important and we know that we all have one. Furthermore, people and organizations who are not lenders that we interact with (landlords, insurance companies, employers) are placing increase value on the credit score as they evaluate us in all aspect ...


Habits of Wealthy People

I live in a part of the country where there is a lot of new and old money. There are people from all walks of life but the dominant industries in this area, as well as some elite educational institutions has made it a magnet for wealth and success. Although Boston isn’t NYC, there are ...


Applying for a Mortgage: The 5 Cs

I talk a lot about real estate, but we all know real estate is expensive. There are few, if any, of us with the capabilities of buying real property with cash. Even some of the people who are in a position to do it, choose to leverage their net worth and maximize their purchasing power ...


Boosting Savings Series: Money Challenges

January is the month of challenges. That’s the time of year that people want to be their best selves and they are motivated to be better than they were last year (2 weeks ago). There is no better way to motivate yourself than with a challenge, especially when you’re competitive and results-driven like me. Challenges ...