The Difference between winning and losing

Will you be crafty or will you complain? Which one you decide to do could very well be the determining factor between whether you win or lose.

The presidential campaign exposed the underbelly of  hatred and division that runs deep in this country. Some of us in the real world always knew they existed. Others were in denial and some might have known but tend to not concern themselves with things that don’t negatively impact them. But the election is over, now what? Whether you candidate won or lost, you have to get up and show up. Life goes on.

We still have to live with each other, but nost importantly, we still have to live in this country (unless you’re one of those people who caused the Canada immigration website to crash). Which means we need to find a way to make this upcoming economy work for us. If you are starting now, you are very late in the game. Not too late, but late enough to be severely delayed and you can’t afford any more lost time. That is why foresight is important. There is no such thing as certainty. Many people are afraid of what is to come and some of that fear comes from a lack of preparation. My goal is to write about adequate preparation extensively as a guide to positioning ourselves in a way to become one of those people for whom the economy is supposed to work.

I will do so by continuing to cover debt management, advanced savings initiatives, investment opportunities, adequate budgeting, and wealth-building through passive income.

This will not improve your mental health, heal our country, or eliminate bigotry, but it will at least give you the resources you need to become more financially secure.

You can complain or you can plan. I choose to be crafty so I will take control of my future like I’ve been doing since college. Will you join me?


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