144 Rolls of Toilet Paper

I have out done myself in the crazy department. This is what word problem nightmares are made of. I’m sure we all remember getting those problems and wondering “who’s ever going to make 20 dozen cookies? Who is ever going to buy 174 oranges? I’m never going to use this stuff in real life.” Well, you’re wrong! Because I just got my shipment of 144 rolls of toilet paper from Amazon.

As a frugal woman, comparison shopping is second nature. Budget conscious folks want value for our dollar so we don’t blindly throw money at any particular brand or store. Our loyalty is to the green, not the brand. So when I went on BJ’s website and saw that a 45-pack of mega rolls was $23, but Amazon had the same brand in a 48-pack for $21 (3 more rolls for $2 less), it was an easy choice. However, there’s a catch to any good deal and in this case, it was shipping costs. Since I’m not a Prime member*, I needed to have a minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping. But I wasn’t about to start adding random unnecessary things to my cart to qualify. What’s a girl to do? How about getting 3 48-packs**? Don’t mind if I do! (Word problems for your kids: how many dozens is that and what is the square root of the total rolls delivered?)

After the boxes were delivered, I was grateful for the incredible amount of storage space we have. I saved money, time, gas and set myself up for a year’s worth of clean lavatory experiences. This might have been one of my craziest purchases, but at least we know that if you have the misfortune of running into some as chili, my house is the place to be.

*I’ve been using Amazon since undergrad where I bought my books and sold them back at the end of the semester. I also used them to rent books in grad school. So I’m an avid user, but I’m not interested in Prime. Their biggest advantage is the free 2-day shipping and it costs nothing to plan ahead and wait a few extra days to get my order.

** No recommended for ketchup purchases.


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