Net Worth Tracking

I stumbled upon a article of someone discussing when they first realized that they crossed the million dollar mark. He listed his net worth which shows both an impressive and simple path to achieving the lofty goal: increase your income, reduce your expenses, save and invest the difference as much as you can.

Some people will say that a million today isn’t what it used to be because of inflation. High cost of living has eroded the purchasing power of the cool $1,000,000. In some ways I agree but it’s a pretty dim view of the world. You can’t retire early with a million in savings but I can’t imagine that anyone who’s worth a million is hurting too bad. And no matter what, saying you’re a millionaire will always ring much better than saying you’re a thousandaire. So I’ve decided to do some net worth tracking so I can record my own path to a cool million. I’ve settled on doing a quarterly update, and since we are in October, the first one will be scheduled for December. If you’ve been wondering if my methods are working for me, or simply want to know the money behind the blog, be sure to tune in!


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