Be Selective, Stay Poor

I feel like I’m starting to nail these click-bait titles, wouldn’t you agree?

Being selective is good. It’s important to have standards. However, to be overly picky in certain areas of your life will limit your opportunities. Said opportunities might be big or small. But over time it does add up, even the small ones.

For me, one of my limited opportunities arise from my eating habits. I am a very picky eater, a fact that stems from my parents not pushing too hard on things I said I didn’t want. To this day I joke that I’m a 30-year old with the taste buds of a 3-year old. If you’re thinking it can’t be that bad, you’re terribly mistaken. I didn’t eat a piece of lettuce until I was 13. I don’t eat cheese except on pizza because I find most if not all other cheeses besides mozzarella to smell repulsive. I started eating bell peppers less than 6 months ago and green beans over the last few weeks. That is a pretty bad track record.

Although overall, I am proud of the progress I’ve made. I’ve included more vegetables in my diet than I have in my entire life. Since December, I’ve pushed myself to try and steadily eat the following: spinach, kale, bell peppers, green beans, snow peas and spaghetti squash. But why change after all these years? It’s not like French fries stopped being delicious and I needed an alternative. Of course health was a consideration, but I eat a lot of fruits and I convinced myself that my fruit intake would offset my overconsumption of fries.

All jokes aside, the other reason besides weight management was financial. Fresh vegetables are expensive relative to the pre-packaged overpriced garbage. However, fresh produce goes on sale occasionally creating opportunities to create budget friendly meals on occasion. But what good does that special do my wallet, my waistline or my health when I push my cart right past the vegetable stand because “I don’t eat this. I don’t eat that. And I don’t eat this one either”?

I’ve decided that I would develop eating habits that would allow me to take advantage of specials and benefit my health. In the short term, I save on groceries and in the long term I save on health care costs. It’s a win-win if you ask me.


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