Month: September 2016


Facing Fears, Resisting Greed & Investing Wisely

In business school, we all learn that investors tend to be driven by fear or greed. “The President twisted his ankle… we look weak! China will attack soon. Quick! Sell everything.” “This penny-stock is about to blow up! We’re going to be rich. Quick! Sell the house & buy every share you can with the ...

Why Your Sources of Income Matter

As a first generation American, I grew up in an immigrant family where working more than one job is the norm. In fact, if you google Caribbean people and multiple jobs, there are sufficient jokes on that topic to lend some credibility to the stereotype. Watching several people in my family and close friends juggle their ...


Get Rich with Solar Panels

Ok, maybe you won’t get rich. But you’ll like the money you’ll save and you might even save enough to invest in a high-yield dividend fund. Before I even get in the weeds of it all, I’m going to show you some info my most recent bill from my electric company (NStar or Eversource, whatever ...


Student Loan Update – September 2016

Boy, has it been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s been a really busy summer for my family, and while some of our activities haven’t all been fun, these past few months have been really good for us, both on a personal and financial level. As I previously mentioned, we were working on getting our solar panels ...