Say ‘No’ to Celebrity Worship

Live your own truth



It doesn’t matter if you’re a Beyonce fan or not, you know that this past weekend she released a new album. Whether or not you watched the accompanying video, you know that it was on HBO, you know it was star-studded and that it was the height of artistry. After all, it is Beyonce. Everyone is talking about it. She’s incredibly talented, brilliant and hardworking. She managed to transform herself from a Houston girl’s group lead singer to a half-billion dollar entity. She’s such a shrewd businesswoman that her public image is more of a brand than just a person. If you have any doubt about her appeal, say something negative about her and watch her fans destroy you.

While I’m no stan, I like Bey. You see her work ethic and you think “hastag, life goals”. She routinely position herself to capitalize on everything happening in our world. She’s incredibly raw and honest in her artistic expressions, willing to step away, even if momentarily, from the “all is well” rhetoric so prevalent in the media today. She has managed to keep her privacy while still showing pain and realism in her art. Bey is somehow both “King” and relatable. Out of this world and one of us. All at the same time. Her enormous success has granted her the power to control her image and access to her in general. But today, I’m not here to talk about Beyonce. Because she already has it figured out. I’m here to talk about those who haven’t figured out their own lives, but are busy on a witch hunt for Becky with the good hair.

Although it has not been confirmed that she’s even speaking about a specific incident, there has been a lot of speculation. For the sake of this argument, I’m going along with that, and dismissing the possibility that she’s speaking in general terms on behalf of other women.

I’m starting to realize that some people love these celebrities more than they love themselves. Here’s a woman who has a healthy and lucrative outlet for pain, speaking her truth.  She’s calling out the cheater. She loves herself enough to let him know she’s over the BS. In other words, she’s handling it and doing it well. How many of the women who have no vested interest in the relationship have the courage to confront their own abusers or their own cheating partners with the same gusto they’re attacking the alleged homewrecker? How much better would their lives be if they dedicated a fraction of their “stanning” efforts to self-improvements? How many of them are in healthy relationships if they’re paired up at all?

When you are so busy worshiping people that it interferes with your ability to love yourself, you don’t have time to appreciate their substance and learn from them. So say no to celebrity worship. Your time is better spent admiring them, studying them and attempting to replicate their success. Work on yourself. Live your own truth. Take back your power. Bey’s got it covered.

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