Why I don’t trust people with bad hair cuts

I try not to get political. In part because people tend to be too entirely consumed by politics while most of the things that happen in Washington have little to no effect on them. Outside of tax laws, very few of us are impacted by federal politics daily, yet, man of us allow it to dominate our conversations, determine how we treat others, and influence our relationship with those with opposing views. I know enough to make an informed decision at the polls, but I am not naive enough to take my eyes of my local municipal and state officials (whose policies impact every moment of my life) to worry about D.C.

With that said, on the global stage, the short, little rolly-polly crazy pillisbury dough boy looking man in North Korea needs a straight jacket. CNN just reported that his daring missile tests, despite their continuous failures, keep getting more serious and traveling further.

That’s why I don’t trust people with bad hair cuts. Sane people simply don’t show their face in public looking like that.



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