Divest from what does not benefit you

I was having an interesting conversation with a group of women on the topic of community support and activism for various causes. I found it alarming that many if not most of these women had the self-sacrificing mentality of community support at all costs, even personal expense. I was even called selfish for promoting the concept of self-care ahead of community care.

Why is it so hard for us to raise generations of women who understand that you cannot give others anything to drink from a dry empty well? I cannot give the community what I do not have for myself. I cannot be an activist for any cause when I am disenfranchised. I cannot help you if I am not safe. We need firm footing prior to providing any assistance to the downtrodden. Is it normal for activists to commit suicide? While it’s uncommon, it does happen. Those who do aren’t in a good place should step back and regroup before attempting to give to any cause or anyone.

Making you your first priority is not a selfish act. It’s the natural order of things. While society tells us otherwise, our first responsibility really is self-care. Strong communities are built on good deeds that form like ripples. They start in small inner circles and expand outward. Happy individuals with fulfilled lives raising solid families are who the ones who build strong communities. Not depleted people who keep giving selflessly to draining causes.

So if you’re part of a community that does not benefit you, step back, divest and regroup. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Question the motives of anyone who says otherwise.

  1. I completely agree with you. How can one spread happiness if they themselves are not happy. Self care is the most important thing.



    1. Yes, but many people try to make you feel bad for wanting to be ok. They say it’s self centered. I say so what? If I don’t care enough to take care of myself, who will take care of me?



      1. Don’t bother about them then. A lot of people think about themselves first, but not many are honest enough to accept it. It takes courage to stand out and accept what you feel. It takes courage to be different. Be proud of yourself, I sure am 🙂


  2. Exactly and even enough said! Why is it that when men do the exact same thing it’s called not putting up with B.S. but when women do it, they’re being self centered *rhetorical* question….



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