Bucket List (in progress…)

Bucket List Charm And Letters

I always thought it was morbid to do a bucket list. But in January, someone I grew up with was killed and last week a friend who is only 1 year older than I am said she had high blood pressure. When you’re that age, you just don’t think about your own mortality until something forces you too. Sure, we know that people die. But we are so used to seeing our grandparents lived well into their 90s that we mistakenly assume that we will all be that fortunate. We might be blessed with the genes, but we don’t know if we’ll be lucky enough to avoid tragedies. So I’ve decided to start building a bucket list. It will be a work in progress. I look forward to suggestions on awesome things you’ve done or heard about that I should add to my list.

  1. Travel to South Korea
  2. Spend at least a month in Australia
  3. Have a million dollars in cash (or whatever a million dollars is worth today adjusted for inflation)
  4. Visit every state in America (layovers don’t count, must visit a landmark outside the airport)
  5. Take a cross country road trip (which will help achieve #3)
  6. Write a book/short story and get published
  7. Go to a major sport competition (World Series, Super Bowl, etc.)
  8. Go to a concert (you read that right, I’ve never been to a concert)
  9. Go to a summer Olympic event
  10. Own a beach-accessible property (small house or condo) in the Caribbean
  11. Go to the Kentucky Derby (will count towards #3)
  12. Run a road race
  13. Buy something ridiculous like $1,000 shoes or a Tesla because I can
  14. Learn to drive a manual and be proficient

To be continued…


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