I’ve been gone a while. Approximately 4 months if anyone is counting. In that time, I must have thought about the blog once a week. Some of the thoughts included my lack of inspiration, my lack of time and/or how I could restructure the blog. I even considered, in a tongue-in-cheek manner of course, turning it into a living example of how to lose readership, i.e. disappear without any explanation and make no significant effort to keep people interested. However, the truth is far more complicated.

I have had so many things happen in the past few months that I struggled to find a way to organize it all into coherent, readable and interesting material. My eventful winter and spring has certainly been exciting. At least I think so. But it was just a matter of taking the time to regroup, organize and produce. I don’t think my schedule has gotten any more flexible, however, I have gotten more organized. Rather than haphazardly completing tasks as I get through the day, I have dedicated some time to making a schedule and staying on track by having a solid plan.

“Wah…wah… wah… Get to the good stuff!”, you’re thinking. Well here it is (in no order of importance):

  1. I have become a (accidental) landlord
  2. I paid off my smaller student loan balances
  3. I’m actually working this real estate thing
  4. We are in the process of getting solar panels on the new house
  5. I am starting to re-work my financial plans/goals

If you’re thinking I can do better, then you’re right because the juicy details will follow in future blog posts. Stay tuned!


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