I Guess “Short” is Relative…

The purpose is to push out the payments, lengthening my repayment schedule, but most importantly allowing me to accrue interest.



In a previous post, I talked about taking a “short” break. This break certainly was longer than I anticipated, but I’ve had a lot to do and I simply could not find the time to blog. Today I’ve finally decided to make the time. I am no less busy than I was 2 months ago. In fact I managed to squeeze more activities into my days.

However, don’t think that I have forgotten the news I promised to share… I don’t know if it will be as exciting to you as it was to me, but I’ll fill you guys in anyway. šŸ™‚

Mixed Bag of Goodies

New(ish) Career: I am officially a licensed real estate agent! I did not quit my job, nor do I intend to. But I’ve mentioned the importance of having a secondary source of income in previous blog posts and I decided to practice what I preached. Not only am I licensed, so is my husband. We fully intend to use our licenses, albeit on a part-time basis, to assist buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Real estate is interestingĀ and rewarding. You’re looking at a variety of architectures, neighborhood, demographics and helping people make the largest, most expensive and important purchase in their lives. What’s not to love? Real estate can also be lucrative. Sure, markets crash, but we both already have jobs. What’s the worst that can happen? We only have the income we’ve had for the past 3 years? I’ll say we were doing well enough for ourselves. And of course, best case scenario we each bring home an extra $20k-25k in a work environment where we set our own schedules.

Relocation: We moved! Sure, that was more stressful than exciting. Particularly when it’s smack in the middle of the holidays and you’re hosting 5 people. Not to mention, when the sellers give you a hard time (this story needs its own post), and professional movers charge close to $3,000… But all of that is over and we hope to never have to do it again. As my father-in-law said: “Moving should be just unpleasant enough to discourage you from doing it again.” There is definitely a lot to be done to bring the home into this century, however, we love it and we look forward to happily ever after there. Are you curious about what the house looks like? If so, scroll up!

Student Loan Erosion: Nelnet is getting desperate and is trying to milk as much interest out of me as possible. What’s gotten them running scared you ask? My aggressive repayment plan. My monthly plan for 2 loans was $400: $350 for a loan with a 5.15% interest rate and $50 for a loan with a 5.50% interest rate. I am a fan of paying down the loan with the biggest interest rate. Luckily, in my situation, the loan with the biggest interest rate is also the one with the smallest balance, meaning that any extra money I pay towards the principal truly makes a big difference. However, something interesting happened when I logged into my account last week… Nelnet is telling me that my required monthly payments are now $350, essentially saying that I do not need to make any payments on the other loan, although I still have a $2,600 balance remaining. The purpose is to push out the payments, lengthening my repayment schedule, but most importantly allowing me to accrue interest. My plan? I’m going to pay $350 a month until the balance is gone, because Nelnet can suck it!

What haveĀ you been up to these past few months?

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