Monday Manners: Tipping


Tipping is always a hot topic for people. We all know that most service worker don’t get the minimum wage the rest of us gets, which makes tips a necessity for making ends meet. It seems like once a week, there’s some cheapskate being shamed on social media for not tipping at all or not tipping the way they should. In more recent and verifiable news, a couple of NYC restaurants did away with tipping altogether.

While we all know to tip between 15-25% at restaurants depending on the quality of service, a couple of bucks at the coffee shop or to the bathroom attendant, what about the less common transactions no one taught us about? I might need to replace my dishwasher. I was looking at some prices online, I settled on one retailer with the best price. After reviewing the fine print, I saw that, if I didn’t pick up the appliance at the store myself, they would charge me $85 to bring it and install it at my house (1.5 mile away from the store) and carry out my old one.

Should I still tip under those circumstances? And it certainly doesn’t cost $85 to drive less than 2 miles, therefore why should I tip? I would say that being overcharged for delivery should be sufficient to cover the drivers, no? If not, the how much should I tip? 20%? They’re not waiters or waitresses, meaning it’s unlikely they make less than minimum wage. Should I really give a fully compensated person $80 for a 30-minute installation, on top of their hourly wage?

This link suggests, $20 per person for a total of $40 (my guess is that it’s likely to be 2 people). I wonder what other people’s experiences have been.


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