Month: November 2015


The Bondage of Debt

Would you agree that debt is modern day slavery? Sure, there are some stark differences. For example, in most cases, one chooses to go into debt rather than being kidnapped and forced into it. Furthermore, there are no threats of corporal punishment and you don’t live in squalor. However, you work to hand your money ...


What Is Your Holiday Budget?

I was reading an article about retail spending over the Thanksgiving weekend which had me thinking that maybe Americans are coming to their senses. The article started off by saying that retailers have experienced slower sales this Black Friday and the days that followed. At least that’s what I thought it was saying… until I ...


Monday Manners: Tipping

Tipping is always a hot topic for people. We all know that most service worker don’t get the minimum wage the rest of us gets, which makes tips a necessity for making ends meet. It seems like once a week, there’s some cheapskate being shamed on social media for not tipping at all or not ...


Too Many Plans

Does anyone like plans as much as I do? I love plans! I think a solid plan is a foundation for success. “I’ll just wing it”, says no successful person, ever. It helps you stay organized, it gives you something to look forward to and it helps reduce uncertainties. Sure, things will always come up, ...

“Use this one simple trick, banks HATE it!”

I decided that I was going to make sure you never have to click on those links again, by telling you these "simple tricks banks HATE!"


Veterans’ Day 2015

I do not care for the politics of war, but I will urge you to keep in mind that we have a volunteer military, therefore, whether or not you support a war, you have to appreciate the millions of men and women who sign on the dotted line to risk their life for millions of other people they do not know.