Pampered Housewife…

Car Selfie

Car Selfie

… for a day

So Friday I took a day off and I made lunch plans with my husband. I slept in, had a nice breakfast and got ready in time to drive to his office and meet him for a delicious lunch. Since it was a very sunny day with beautiful weather, I was feeling bright and cheery. No better way to express my cheerfulness than to be clad in red. But I do have to admit, my red-lip selfie was not the only fun thing about that day. Because I couldn’t help but wonder: is that what it’s like to be a pampered housewife? No care in the world, nice outfit, time for make up and lunch at your leisure with those you love? If so, I could get used to it. Although, I’m sure there is a lot of volunteering, committee-chairing, and charity hosting events involved for the most well-to-do housewives. And for the less fortunate, there is a lot of cleaning and cooking going on. I do not wish to diminish their roles solely to a life of luxury, but why wouldn’t I only sign up the most favorable aspects of the housewife life??? Although, it would be very short-lived. I can’t imagine I’d remain very pampered for long if I stopped going to work. However, it was a very nice temporary fantasy. I can’t stay home from work, but I can play pretend housewife once in a while.

What do you imagine your life would be like if you had unlimited funds?


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