Mass Shootings and the Myth of the Polite Society

It’s quite unfortunate that our nation once again faces yet another mass shooting. How sad is it that when I hear about a shooting, my first question is, “How many?”. If the number is not “impressive” enough, I shrug it off. Why? Because I’ve become desensitized. It has happened so often that it has become the norm, and only a truly high number will shock me. That’s what happens when an occurrence becomes routine. I am not a mean evil person. What I am is an American who’s seen several shootings over her lifetime and every time, the body count has gone up, and with that, the last one just doesn’t seem so bad.

Columbine: 12


Virginia Tech: 32

Sandy Hook: 26 (but 20 of them were children under 10)

This is how desensitization to violence happens.

Both sides of the political spectrum love claiming that the other uses a mass shooting as an opportunity to push their own twister agenda. As an apolitical person, I just want to ask: Do lives matter more than you ego?

I know the solution itself is not very simple. How do we get guns off the streets? Should they be outlawed? Neither one of these questions can be answered without navigating logistical and constitutional nightmares. We all know about the vast quantities of illegal guns on the streets. If you have any doubt, just look at Chicago statistics. I highly doubt these shootings are being committed by NRA members. However, does facing an enormous task mean we shouldn’t attempt it at all? And what about our Second Amendment Right? Oppressive Government, the Forefathers, blah…blah…blah… Well, we put restrictions on the First Amendment when it does become a nuisance. There are buffer zones for demonstration purposes, the whole “FIRE!” in a crowded theater thing, hate speech etc. So why should the Second Amendment, not have as many restrictions? Is an armed society really a polite society? It sounds more like a society of fearful people who are afraid that the next bat shit crazy person they encounter might be armed and go on a killing rampage. That’s not politeness.

And if you think that your little sawed off shotgun is what’s stopping the government from being tyrannical, you’re a simpleton who doesn’t understand the might of the American military. Our government is not tyrannical because it’s not interested in being so. Your hunting rifles are no match for drones.

May these new victims rest in peace and may their families find comfort. I will never understand how the world can be so evil and how our government can be so impotent against lobbyists.


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