Month: October 2015


Money Nightmares: Homeless, Hungry & a Disappearing 401k

They struggled to pay the bills and eventually had to go stay with a family friend after she paid hefty fees to tap into her 401k and saw her retirement funds dwindle down to $0


Going Broke Trying To Not Look Broke

We are so obsessed about the appearance of having money, that we actually stop caring about ACTUALLY having money.


Never Pay Full Price: Groceries

My parents come from a culture where you haggle everything... It's almost a game to see how low you can get a vendor to go before they give you your walking papers.


Go Dutch

Smart women marry well or don't marry at all.


Your Ultimate Credit Card Guide

Credit cards are not intended to expand your purchasing power.


Slow and Steady

You need money to make money... Or do you?


Mass Shootings and the Myth of the Polite Society

Is an armed society really a polite society? It sounds more like a society of fearful people who are afraid that the next bat shit crazy person they encounter might be armed and go on a killing rampage.