Saturday Self-Care: Get Away


Sunset from the Long Island Ferry

I am a huge advocate of people taking care of themselves, particularly women. We are often raised to believe that we are selfish, “neglectful mothers” or “bad wives” if we take care of ourselves first. The truth that people ignore is that you can’t give what you don’t have. You can only give happiness if you have it. You can only give love if you have it. You can only be the best wife you can be if you are your best self. It’s simply not possible to be off balance and have a well adjusted family. With that said, I recommend doing something that makes YOU happy at least once a week. Think about it. How much of the week do you spend doing things simply because it works for other people? So once a week, I do something for me. It could be something I do alone, like a pedicure, or something I do with my husband, such as a going on a date but I get to pick where we eat.

This week my self-care is a week end in the Hamptons. I like short trips because they are much less frustrating to navigate than anything that you have to get on a plane for. I also don’t like the winter time at all because I don’t like snow or cold weather. Which means as fall creeps up on us here in New England, the window of opportunity closes for me to really enjoy the northeast. This was one of the last chances we had for a change of scenery.



My friend was going for her birthday and asled if we could make it. While it was last minute, we worked to make it happen because it was important to me. Self-care doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Any little act of love for yourself is good enough. Maybe sleeping in when you usually don’t or getting a massage.

I hope pictures of my week end’s self-care will inspire you to do something for yourself soon. Happy Saturday!

Enjoying the car ride on Old Montauk

Enjoying the car ride on Old Montauk


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